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Q: How can I get prices for the panels I require?
A: Whichever way is easiest for you, you can use our automated online quoting system, email, phone or come in to see us and we can quote you there and then.
Q: What are you lead times?
A: Typically, 3 -4 days for most orders but if you need something sooner just ask.
Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity?
A: You may order as little as one panel providing we have an off cut, usually most minimum orders are one sheet of the chosen material.
Q: How accurately can you cut?
A: Our machines are capable of cutting to an accuracy of 0.1mm +/-
In simple terms we would happily replace any panel that is more than 0.3mm different from your requested size, quibble free. Click here for more information.
Q: Can you cut shaped parts?
A: We can, please see our drilling page for information on this.
Q: Do you provide a drilling service?
A: Yes, we can drill the faces and ends of panels. Please see our drilling page for information on this.
Q: Can’t find the material you are looking for on our website?
A: Please get in touch its unlikely that we won’t have a suitable material for your application.
Q: Do you provide samples?
A: Yes, we have a comprehensive stock of pre edged samples from brands Egger, Xylo Cleaf and Luxe. we can post these out to you free of charge for small quantities.
Q: Do you offer a delivery service?
A: Yes we do, using our own fleet of vehicles we can offer a reliable personal service. Click here for more information.
Q: Can I have the Off Cuts?
A: Yes, just select “Include Off Cuts” when placing your order and we will include them. We consider an off cut to be anything more than 0.3m2, with minimum dimensions of 500mm in length x 70mm in Width.
Q: Can I view my cutting patterns?
A: Yes, your cutting patterns are available to view with every quotation you receive. You can use these to optimise the boards that you are buying to reduce waste and save money.