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Cutwrights truck
Date: 30.01.2019, Author: Cutwrights

Rebranding Announcement

Cutwrights have a new look!

So what's changing and when?

  • -   Fear not, there won't be any changes to services or the way we work just a fresh look and feel to our website, stationery, vans and depot signage.
  • -   You'll spot the new designs from Feb 2019.

We at Cutwrights are all about precision. It’s the attention to detail that helps you craft beautiful furniture, and gives you the confidence to make us your board cutting service of choice.

The same precision is now afforded to the way the brand is presented.

Our new look needed to meet the existing expectations of the Cutwrights brand whilst also moving forward, and producing a clear and precise design.

If you would like any further info then please let us know on info@cutwrights.com.